Instagram wall: the New Star of the Show


Instagram walls are changing the way we do business

We are living in a visual world where most people communicate their daily lives through social media: photos and videos are now the new currency.

We want to get internet recognition. How? with an amazing accurate and clean Instagram feed showcasing our travels, looks and happy way of life.

People like bright, beautiful things

Cities are effervescing with many colors, tastes and textures. Streets are starting to be decorated with captivating street art and vibrant painted walls that are a huge attraction.

You’ve probably seen them popping up, everywhere (actually, it’s easy to see them from a couple blocks away!).

These murals are street art that’s been commissioned by local businesses to help draw Instagrammers to their locations.

They come for the wall and finish in the wall’s business

The snowball effect start with the instagrammers getting the perfect selfie, blasting it out to their social network (using hashtags, geotags, comments, likes, etc) that gain thousands of social media impressions. This engagement leads inevitably to more money.

Instagram walls bring in massive numbers

If we add all the above to a boutique hotel, what do we get? it’s simply a place you want to sleep in.
The Boutique Hotel branding, music and art wall makes this harmony insta-worthy-sharing.

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