What is a Boutique Hotel Branding Artist’s work?

People keep asking… and what it’s your job about? Hoteliers know it, how to push their baby in to the World making it magnetic.
Hospitality is growing into a more personal experience and there is only one way to stand out from the noise of this saturated hotel market if you want to survive, be profitable and leave a mark: Be Different.

And this is what it’s all about. We, Boutique Hotel Branding Artists know it, well, very well.

To build a winning Boutique Hotel, our work is focused in 3 main points:

1) Brand Identity:

Hotel industry is extremely competitive when it comes to attracting customers to quality food and services. Since every city has many professionally run hotels with lots of services, they have to engage in promotional activities leading to marketing of their hotels and the services.
Customers can gauge quality standards and personality by seeing its branding. It’s an extremely important exercise to promote food and services and show what your Boutique Hotel is all about.
Many travel and hotel startups fail to make that first killer impression on their prospects, market, customers, and affiliates due to the lack of good graphical elements.

“Give me a reason to Love You”

2) Music:

Music can arouse senses, alter moods, sway hearts, and change minds. Emotion plays the most essential role in decision-making.
Across cultures, music has profound influence on the human experience. The trick is to make everybody feel they belong.
Boutique Hotels are getting much more sophisticated about the music they play in their lobby, restaurant, spa and pool. How? compiling separate playlists for different spaces and particular times of day.

“People don’t always remember what you say or even what you do, but they always remember how you made them feel”

3) Instagram wall:

We are currently in a visual World where most people communicate their daily lives through social media: photos and videos become the currency.
Instagram walls are changing the way we do business: reaching out millennial customers and cashing in more.
How? people come for the wall and finish in your business.
Let’s translate it in a simple math’s equation: instagrammers get the perfect selfie -> better content -> millions of social media impressions -> more money.

“Humble wall is the new star of the show”

infography boutique hotel branding artist work by fabiaguilar.com

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