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I’m an illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. I was born in the Northern beaches of Spain and raised between Senegal, Canada and Spain. Since an early age I move out and spent big periods of time in countries such as: France, Ireland, Italy, the Caribbean and since 3 years now, Australia. I belong to a multicultural family, where arts are part of our DNA.

My work is characterised by portrait illustrations of men & women who carry the ocean in their soul with bohemian drawings that mirrors my nomad life, combining colors and patterns from many areas of the World.
I invite surfers from all over the Globe to engage with art.  This board-riding tribe is connected by the love for the water, the addiction to the waves and the passion for the surf. The combination of those portraits with acrylic lettering and colorful bohemian elements represent what surf is all about: the magical chemistry and connection between body, soul and brain.